Qualitative refill cartridges

Qualitative refill cartridges

The main direction of our company - is a quality refill cartridges for inkjet and laser printers. The main task we set for ourselves - to help you reduce your printing costs.

Cartridge Refill used quality materials and special equipment. All work is done by qualified professionals who undergo regular refresher training by leading experts in the field of recycling, such as LLC Cynthia and WWM (Worldwide Manufacturing, ED). All this helps to extend the life of the print cartridges and to minimize the cost of repair and maintenance of printing equipment. Savings achieved not by reducing the cost of charging, and by improving the efficiency of the equipment. Your printer is working for you, not you to your printer!

 Full list of services:

Refilling ink cartridges for inkjet printers HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother.

Recovery of dead inkjet cartridges, refills recovery "syringe".

Washing printhead Epson and Canon.

Refill cartridges for laser printers, Xerox, Samsung, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother, Minolta, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic.

Repair and restoration of laser toner cartridges, including poor after refueling.

Preventive maintenance and repair of printers and MFPs.

Preventive maintenance and repair of copiers.

Installation CISS (continuous ink supply system) and PC (refillable ink cartridges).

Maintenance and repair of CISS.

Service and warranty service company CISS WWM.

Firmware laser printer (for use refilled cartridges.)

Delivery of the city.

Sell: Ink WWM and OCP, photo paper, ink cartridges, printers, toner, and other consumables.

You can also get free answers to questions regarding purchase, operation, or repair of printing equipment.