High-quality laser toner refill

High-quality laser toner refill



In the view of many users laser toner - a "box with black powder and a green bowl." This begs the question - why the new cartridge is 500 hryvnia? Why is it filling in many companies is 10 to 35 hryvnia? Why, then, is not the manufacturer printer cartridges made for him for 20 hryvnia? Or the manufacturer made it for 20, the seller clocked 480? Let's see:

- Toner - black powder - the particles of which consist of a set of chemical elements that are connected in a special way. Complex manufacturing process ensures consistent size and shape of toner particles. The particles have the same physical parameters, which strongly affect the print quality and cartridge life. Cheap toner has the worst performance, most abrasive, it greatly increases the wear and tear, as well as affect the quality and quantity of copies. In the figures you can see the difference:

The manufacturing process of "chemical" and "mechanical" toner is very different, and this difference in cost can be tens of times.

- "Green drum" - aluminum cylinder coated with a photosensitive layer, its production requires high precision. The slightest damage to this layer - scratch, dent from the impact, direct sunlight - can cause damage to it. Drum in the process is subjected to high physical stress. Photosensitive layer gradually erased. Drum becomes unusable and must be replaced. Life is not measured by the term drum refueling and runs like a car, not in miles, and speed. The greater the speed makes the drum, the faster it is erased photosensitive surface. Under this guarantee that the drum is enough for 3 or 4, no one can fill. The cost of producing drum can be reduced by reducing the thickness of the photosensitive layer, but it will lead to ... what? To reduce its run!

- As in the laser cartridge contains many parts that require maintenance and cleaning. Wiper blade, doctor blade, mag roller, magnetic roller sealing blade, sealing blade drum, primary charge roller, magnetic roller bearings, seals prevent toner spillage. Reducing the cost of production of these components leads to a decrease in their quality and durability. The condition of these parts has a big effect on the resource, the number of copies and the range of the drum.

Original cartridge is manufactured from high quality materials, good drum, toner, etc. These cartridges can last longer than one cycle. On this he is 400, 500 or 600 hryvnia. Licensed cartridges are manufactured using cheaper materials: a cheap drum, cheap plastic, cheap toner, cheap "it" and deshovoe "that" as a result of cheap cartridge, 150-200 hryvnia. But he could hardly stand one cycle, and after the first refueling sharply declines. And if it's bad and tuck?

Charging options may be few. We must distinguish between the concepts:

1. quality quality toner refill
2. quality of low-quality toner refill
3. Substandard quality toner refill
4. Substandard Substandard refill cartridge.

 Poor-quality laser toner cartridge refill is only filling it with toner. This procedure can take anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes. This method is very popular among the "refueling". But it has serious flaws and consequences that "filler" can not say.

Substandard dressing entails some consequences:

-Increased wear: drums, blades, rubber and magnetic shaft. After a 1-2-x such dressings have to change the cartridge as a whole, it will be cheaper than repairing it.

-Pour the toner cartridge out: in a package or bag on the table, hands on important documents, and most importantly in the printer. The package can be thrown out, bag-wash, hand-wash. The printer can also be thrown out, but you can not wash! It can be vacuumed, but should take into account that the size of toner particles are much smaller than usual dust, which means that it needs a special cleaner. Through a conventional vacuum cleaner, he will fly right through a long, long time will be flying around the office.

The sharp decline in print quality. The appearance of black horizontal or vertical stripes. Light print. An abnormal spots, dots, stripes. Gray or black background sheet. The repetition of the image along the sheet. Even worse when it's all together.

The sharp decline of the resource. After filling the cartridge prints a few dozen pages, then goes blank, or much worse. It seems once again to fill. Repeated Substandard refueling nothing to fix it.

-Breakage or damage to the cartridge in the "filling", due to improper disassembly, neglect, or lack the necessary skills for "refueling".

-Printer failure, jamming its mechanisms, due to a heavy contamination.

All these problems lead to a sharp increase in the cost of the final product!

Example: You buy a laser printer for 1000 hryvnia. It comes with a test cartridge, designed for 1,000 pages ** at 5% page. Average new cartridge yield 2,500 pages **, it costs more than half the cost of the printer (but for convenience we take 500 UAH.). The arithmetic is simple: buy a new cartridge, print 2500 pages at 5% coverage page. It costs us 500 UAH. Refer to "refuel" for 20 hryvnia. We print about 300 pages, and then a sharp decrease in print quality. Erroneously conclude that "finish paint." Bear dressed with a 20 grn. Again, a little print, a maximum of 300 pages. Then I was a drum, a little print. Each time uzhudshaetsya quality, and increasingly necessary to change the drum. Then buy a new cartridge and insert it into the already dirty by the time the printer. After several gas stations accept printer remont.Teryaem time, lose money.

 High-quality laser toner cartridge refill includes the following tasks: dismantling the cartridge case and cleaning cartridge parts of residual toner and other forms of pollution, restoration of conductive properties of contact nodes, the processing drum, wiper blade and other parts of special materials, filling the new toner assembly.

For each type of cartridge used'll guide assembly and disassembly, which prevents even the slightest chance of damage to the body in the process. Some models of SAMSUNG, XEROX, HP, Canon subject to mandatory testing print quality, the client is issued a test sheet. Each time you fill the ever-same great result.

Arithmetic: buying a new cartridge for 500 USD. print to 2500str. ** accept a gas station, pay 75 hryvnia, and prints 2,000 pages **, again accept to refuel again UAH 75, 2000 page again, etc. ** Cartridge can withstand a high number, then have to buy new cartridges less often. Drum change often. Printer service and repair needed less often. The work does not stop.

 Compare your costs for both cases the printed page count, divide the amount of pages spent hryvnia and get the approximate cost per page. For cases of high-quality and low-quality filling these numbers will vary significantly.

  We will not train on your cartridges, testing methods found on the internet: "Pour some water in a saucer of warm and put the cartridge back for a couple of hours" or "raskolupayte hole and pour powder. Could not be easier." All these methods for amateurs. The only question is who pays for the experiment?


**-Meaning printing at 5-percent full sheet.