How to choose a printer?

How to choose a printer?

 Many users buy a printer guided the advice of friends, or managers in the store, or make your often the right choice based on the price of the printer, or for aesthetic reasons.

 After some time, when the computer I get a message that "it's time to replace consumables," raises the question - "Why so soon?". A familiar story? ... The user then goes to the store and find out the price of a new cartridge, and then he has the second question - "Why is it so expensive?". The answer is simple - you do not select the correct printer! We are well familiar with this situation. I quote:

 - But the seller said it is a great printer!


 - In the shop said that he is charged with?


 - I have a friend "geek." He advised me it was this!


 - We "programmer" recommended!


 - And we gave it to the shares, together with the computer!


 - We bought the cheapest! ... etc.

1. Often Showroom versed in printers as "good" as you give the wrong advice, "Take this!". Especially if it's a large supermarket of home appliances - irons, pans, vacuum cleaners, printers. How can you remember everything?

2. The store does not do refill, and if you are engaged on a primitive level, it is not aware of the challenges will be faced with filling some models.

3. The seller is interested in selling a product and not in order to save you money.

4. Geek should occupy the computer! Programmers need to program! It's all the same as asking for advice from a dentist.

5. Cheap printer = expensive cartridges.

So how is it to choose the best for your printer?

Here are the basic criteria:

1. Decide volume printing. What will be the load? 100 pages per month, or 100 sheets a day?

2. What will be mainly printing, black-and-white or color? Amateur or professional photo?

3. Be sure to ask how much a set of new cartridges for the printer you are going to buy!

If you buy a printer for your home, where it is necessary to print documents and amateur photos in small amounts, up to 200 pages of text or 10-20 photos per month, you'll like the printer HP. Cartridges for these printers have a large margin of safety, ie maintain a number of refills. Excellent job with small loads. Excellent print amateur photos.

 These printers work on cartridges № 27, 28, 21, 22, 56, 57, 132, 136, 134, 135, 129, 130, 131, 140, 141, 121, 122. All different types of ink cartridges and volume. For example № 132 cartridge is designed to print 100 pages of black text, and the number 129 to 300 pages. More information about the resource can be found on the manufacturer's website. DO NOT RECOMMEND: purchasing printers Epson pigment ink or printer cartridges for Canon PG-37, PG-40, CL-38, CL-41, PG-510, PG-511, CL-512, CL-513! Just do not recommend purchasing a Lexmark printer, because of unreasonably high prices for supplies!

 For text and photo quality, in moderate amounts, up to 500 pages per month, pay attention to the printer with separate ink tanks of large volume. Such as Canon, who are working on the cartridges CLI-8 and PG-5 (or cartridges PG-520 and CLI-521). Amount of ink from 4 to 5, depending on the model. You can also pay attention to the HP printer ink cartridge number 177 (6 cartridges) or ink cartridge BROTHER LC900, LC970, LC1000 (4 cartridges). Check the application to the printer! For normal operation of the printer, you must have two sets of cartridges. One set is installed in the printer, and the other for replacement. These printers can not be left without cartridges for more than 20 minutes. On this immediately recommend to purchase a second set of cartridges. You can not use the printer if the ink in one or more cartridges are over.

 If you need to print a very large number of high quality photos, you will need to purchase a printer EPSON, with the possibility of CISS. For this is not suitable for any printer EPSON, but only the one who works for a water-based ink. Do not buy a printer for pigment ink! Make sure you check the possibility of working out reset (diapers)! Cartridges for this printer will cost around 40-50% of the cost of a new printer (500-600 hryvnia), CISS installation will cost about the same. Such a system requires a lot of attention, constant care, and technical training. Using such a system, your cost is reduced by several orders of magnitude. In this case, the print quality is also reduced compared to the original cartridges. Decreases the stability of the results, distorted color. WARNING! Buying a printer to install the CISS, INSTALL original cartridges! Especially for a 4 color Epson-s! CISS is better to put on a new printer! For high-volume images can be purchased printer R290, R295, 1410, T50, T59 and other six-color printers EPSON. Print fogografy, moderate available printer 4 colors. Such as T26, T27, TX117, TX119.

To print only in black and white text documents itp, recommend purchasing a laser printer. Their advantage lies in the fact that the cost of printing a single sheet of black and white text is significantly lower than an inkjet printer. Cartridge yield in the most popular models from 1500 to 2000, and some 10 000 pages or more. But not all laser printers are cheap. Most cartridges have a chip that monitors the amount of toner - black or color ink powder. These chips are divided into several types: non-blocking, blocking, blocking kriptochip:

1. Do not block the chip - a chip that will work all the time, no matter how many times to refill cartridges. The printer will show that the toner is empty, but will work. Such chips are installed in HP cartridges and Canon.

2. Blocking chip - a chip that after a certain number of copies will be reminded of the toner is low, then BLOCK printer. Some of these chips are reprogrammed. Some have special protection, they should be renewed. The cost of the chip is 120 hryvnia. Such chips are installed in cartridges Samsung, Xerox, Minolta, Epson.

The most optimal in this regard printer cartridge which works without the chip.

It should also pay attention to time to first copy. Before printing, the printer goes into operation. It takes some time, you need to warm up. So, for example, and Samsung printers XEROX First output can reach 50-60 seconds. It is not convenient. In Canon and HP printers have a significant advantage - instant ready to print! First copy time to 8 seconds.

Recommended to buy laser printers BROTHER HL2030, HL2035, HL2040, HL2070, printers Canon MF-4018 (working on the cartridge FX-10). Printers HP P1005/1006, HP M1319, Canon LBP3010 and LBP6000.

Printer XEROX Phaser 3100, Xerox Phaser 3140, Samsung SCX4300, ML1640, ML 1641, ML1645, CLP 310, CLP 315, CLX3175, SCX 4600, CLX 3185, CLX3205 their added regularly - will have to upgrade to use the refilled cartridge, this operation is a one-off and cost 150 - 400 hryvnia, depending on the model.

Range in stores varies periodically, on the better once again to call back and consult.

Do not buy a used printer - you can appreciate just outside his state. Condition of the internal components and mechanisms, as well as their degree of wear can determine only specialist.

Buying a printer in the store be sure to confirm PICKING! In the printer MUST INCLUDE TEST CARTRIDGE!

In an inkjet printer cartridge should be packed in a sealed bag or box. The print head should be covered with tape. This ensures that you are the first user of the printer! If the cartridges are installed in the printer, this means that the printer is in use (or was returned to seller). DO NOT BUY A printer with the cartridges!

In a laser printer cartridge should be packed in a sealed black bag. If the cartridge is installed in the printer, then check Shipping on HP and Canon cartridges must be integral. Toner cartridge is a guarantee that you are buying a new printer.